GCP Certified Swags!

Last update: 6.12.2020

Disclaimer: This post is informational only and list of swags might be outdated! Google might change the swag list at any time and there is no guarantee you will get one. The following list is based on the perks I could choose from at the time I passed the exam or participated in the program.

Lets admit it, if you visit this site you are a Geek like me and you love swags! Google has been spoiling us with awesome gifts after passing GCP exams. With info on successful completing the certification requirements you would get a code to redeem at the Google Perk Store: https://shop.googlemerchandisestore.com/certificationperks/

Google swags are really premium quality with labels like North Face, Patagonia or Timbuk etc.

Let have a look what you get for each of the exam:

Professional Machine Learning Engineer:

For this exam you get to choose either a Marmot vest or Moleskine Notepad and a mug!

Professional Exams (Architect, Data Engineer, Network Engineer): As I have taken this almost 2 year ago this might have changed. I love both the Pullover and the Hoodies! They are top quality!

Professional Cloud Architect update December 2020

As I re-certified GCP Cloud Architect credentials I unlocked the quite long list of swags including this awesome plates frame. Would love to see european version in black 🙂

GCP Cloud Engineer Associate: for this exam you get a 13” or 15” laptop pouch and a mug! the 13” is perfect fit for MacBook Pro 13”. Personally I thought I will never use it but since I got it I take it with me when ever I take my laptop with me. I wish it had some space for the charger :).

Update: I learned that from 2020 there are no more swags for CE exam 😦

GCP Developer Professional: I remember there were couple of swags for this one including hoodies but I decided to pick this small JBL. Great for a short business trip to listen to music on the go as it is water resistant 🙂

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie image-6.png

GCP DevOps Engineer: Still cannot decide which one to pick 🙂 all of them super geeky 🙂

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie image.png

Collaboration Engineer:

GCP Fellow swags: This program is still not GA. I guess it will be open to public in couple of months. As being an elite certification it comes with some premium swags. The pictures are from official site of the vendors but the actual swags will have a Fellow tag on them. I have still not received the swag but will post the picture when it arrives. You could choose either a jacket or a bag. I went for the jacket.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie image-3.png

Stickers : With every exam you get a nice sticker to put it on your laptop! Yes! More stickers!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania: google network engineer hoodie

Beta Tester: After taking a beta exam you also get a cap. I believe you get it even if you don’t pass the exam

A bonus for those attending NEXT conference: Both in SF and London you can pick up you GCP Certified jacket. Super warm and protects you from wind 🙂

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie image-8.png

GSI Champion Swags: GSI Champions have extra perks 🙂 some of them showing bellow. GSI is program for Google Partners an enable individuals with extra training to be the person to go for GCP topics. One of the extra bonus working for Atos!

GSI Champion Bundle
Google Cloud GSI Backpack

Still not convinced to get GCP Certified? 🙂

Post bellow which of those you like the most! I am curious which one you chose!

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2 uwagi do wpisu “GCP Certified Swags!

  1. hey, it seems that i didnt get swags for my Cloud Engineer Associate and stickers for CEA and architect.
    you should make work instruction what to do in case of such situation:)
    BTW. nice article, it may convince some people.
    For me its the first ‚vendor’ that i got swags from!



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