Nail the Google Cloud Profession Collaboration Engineer Exam

I have finally passed my last pro exam on my GCP list! It occurred to be the toughest on as I mainly work work Anthos and I am only a G Suite user. This exam has nothing to do with GCP itself and is all on G Suite. I took me around 3-4 weeks of very intensive study prepare. I find my previous experience with AD, GPOs and Exchange super useful to understand some concepts in G Suite. If i had to prepare for this exam in a non-rush mode iI think i would need 2-3 months to prepare starting from ground 0.

Even thought I am not a G Suite admin I found it great to learn about it and I will definitely use this knowledge at work.

The exam is 50 Multiple-choice questions and last 2 hours. This is more then enough. I answered all of them in 1h and then reviewed till the time finished.

Tip #1

You need to buy G Suite (domain + subscription) at least for 14 days. Without access to the admin console you will fail.

Top Tips

  • You will never feel fully prepared for this exam! The scope is massive!
  • All question are related to Admin Console not to particular applications (e.g. how to create formula in Sheets)
  • Yes you need to remember where to click in the console to get to particular configuration settings.
  • Logging and Auditing is super important (for all components of G suite)
  • Migration and removal of user data is super important! This includes all services user was assigned with (Drive, Mail etc.)
  • Authentication for both users and applications is super important
  • Gmail is around 20% – so understand routing, spam, security, tracing, smtp relay.
  • Calendar and resources management is super important.
  • Understand G Suite release cycles and how to get info about the new features.
  • Understand rollout strategies
  • Understand user and groups management
  • Understand what OU and groups are used for and what are the differences (hierarchy, settings)
  • Understand application management both G Suite as well as custom apps.
  • Understand what device you can manage (e.g Android, ChromeOS, iOS) and how you do it.
  • Understand how you sync catalog and manage attributes like passwords.
  • Understand how you manage calendars (persona and shared)
  • Understand SSO, Cloud Identity, SAML applications and LDAP Server topics. This might be super confusing at the beginning to understand who is the IdP in each of those. Make sure you are super clear on it.
  • There are questions around AppMaker and Apps Script.
  • Understand backups with Vault
  • Understand how you manage contact


I must say the guide is pretty accurate, but the scope is massive. Reading the docs seems to be a never ending story (see the list of links in the end of the post). You can find the link bellow:

Video training

Coursera – most of them are actually hands exercises you need to do yourself

I very much liked to Udemy Training but it is over 20h!


I recommend to take the bellow test and if you don’t feel comfortable with the answers do more reading until you can do at least 90% every time. The questions do not appear in the exam but are very useful to understand what you still don’t know.

Official mock test

Coursera Tests (need to enroll) :

Hands On

Try out this Qwiklabs:

And finally never ending list of links i used for study :). I frankly don’t believe this is enough.

Goog luck and let me know if you have any tips!


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