Google Cloud Certified Fellow

Today the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program was lunch. I am happy to announce that I am recognised as Fellow #5.

It is a certification outside of standard Professional program and is directed at Technial Leaders working with Anthos. This is how Google describes it.:

The Google Cloud Certified Fellow program is for elite cloud architects and technical leaders who are experts in designing enterprise solutions. This certification program recognizes individuals with deep technical expertise who can translate business requirements into technical solutions using Anthos and Google Cloud.

The Hybrid Multi-cloud Certification is the first certification in this program and assesses both technical skills and business expertise. Achieving this certification demonstrates your leadership, business impact, and technical acumen, as well as your ability to:

Design hybrid and multi-cloud solution architectures with Anthos
• Design for security and compliance
• Provision a solution infrastructure
• Optimize technical and business processes
• Ensure solution and operations reliability”

I will post more information on the program soon. In the meantime you can get more info here:


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