Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certificate tips

The DevOps Engineer exam is finally GA! I took the Beta in December 2019 and received good news that I am now certified! Here are couple of tips you can use to get this certification.

The starting point is the official Google site:

In the exam guide you can find basic info on the content:

I must admit that the exam guide is very accurate and mastering all the topics is the clue to nail this exam.

The main topics to concentrate on are:

SRE ca. 30% of the exam:

The books might be a great resource but the coursera is good enough to cover topics like SLO, SLI, SLA, post mortem reports, error budget, blameless culture etc.

Stackdriver ca. 30% of the exam:

Make sure you know all the services of APM, Log Based metrics and integration with Fluentd. Understand advanced logs filtering.

Go through all the docs under:

and Qwiklabs:

For beginners good summary of Stackdriver you can find in our book in the Monitoring Chapter:

DevOps ca. 20% of the exam:

Have basic understanding of tools like Terraform, Jenkins, Cloud Build, Spinnaker, Deployment Manager. I suggest finding some 101 on youtube e.g.

GKE ca. 10% of the exam:

and for beginners:

I would say having the Cloud Architect Professional knowledge you should need 40-80h to prepare for this exam.

Good luck to all of you and let me know if you have any questions!


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