Tips to nail the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Developer version 2.0 exam

Google has update the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Developer (PCD) to new version. I had a chance to take the beta last week and must say the scope is finally very much developer focused.

Be sure that you take first the PCA exam before you attempt this one. You need to be confident with all the GCP services to get to the next level. Have a look at my article for certification path:

The PCD exam is very much focused on developer activities and includes topics like:

  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud Source Repositories
  • Cloud Artefact Registry
  • Google Compute Engine and Manages Instance Groups.
  • Kubernetes and GKE
  • Knative
  • Docker
  • Cloud Run
  • Anthos
  • Service Mesh
  • Cloud Operations
  • Deployments strategies
  • Databases
  • Cloud IAM
  • Cloud Identity
  • Data Pipelines
  • APIs

Kubernetes knowledge is absolute must as you get question beyond the GKE. I suggest you get first up to CKAD or CKA level. I took bellow courses:

And acutally passed the CKAD exam, on second attempt (super difficult exam mainly limit to 2h).

I also suggest you take the following courses

Series on app development (20h)

Series on Kubernetes on GCP (30h)

Good luck and hope to see you certificate on LinedIn. Tag me if you feel like this post has helped you!


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