Tips to nail the Google Cloud Certified Machine Learning Engineer Professional exam

I took me over 4 months to nail this exam as I started from ground „Zero” 🙂 The exam is 2h with 60 questions. The exam guide can be found here: together with recommended materials.

I suggest you take the following path:

Make sure you are at the PCA level with strong K8s background.

  1. Start with 101 Google ML Crash course (40h)

2. Watch all the AI Adventures videos (20h)

3. Redo the with 101 Google ML Crash course (10h)

4. Go through the ML Coursera/PluralSights training

5. Read carefully the docs for Tensorflow Extended (4h)

6. Watch carefully the TFX video series (4h)

7. Do the MLOPs trainig (15h)

8. Watch carefully the Kubeflow series (4h)

10. Read carefully the AI Platform docs (5h)

11. Do as many Qwiklabs for Kubeflow/TFX as possible (20h)

12. I recommend you watch the series on ML by Luis Serrano (20h)

It is very much 101 on ML and covers the same material as the Crash Course but is easier to comprehend.


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