Anthos 1.3 is GA on March 23, 2020!

There are some revolutionary features coming to GKE-OP:

  • A new installer helps you create and prepare the admin workstation.
  • In bundled load balancing mode, GKE on-prem provides and manages the Seesaw load balancer.
  • The Authentication Plugin for Anthos has been integrated into and replaced with the Google Cloud command-line interface, which improves the authentication process and provides the user consent flow through gcloud commands.
  • vSphere credential rotation is enabled. Users can now use Solution User Certificates to authenticate to GKE deployed on-prem.
  • Preview Feature: Introducing User cluster Nodepools.
  • gkectl automatically uses the proxy URL from config.yaml to configure the proxy on the admin workstation.

Full list of features is available here:

In the follow up post we will have a closer look at those new features!


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