Nailing Google Cloud Certified G Suite exam

Google Cloud Certified G Suite exam is a user-level exam that test your capabilities of using G Suite. In contrast to the Collaboration Engineer exam that tests your G Suite administrative skills. The details you can find here:

The exam is online, lasts for 2 hours and consists of 2 parts. Once you finish the first part you start the second without being able to come back to the questions again:

  • Multiple-choice questions (15q)
    • Google Drive
    • Gmail and Tasks
    • Calendar
    • Hangouts/Meet
    • Sheets
    • Docs
    • Slides
  • Hands-on scenarios (7 parts)
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
    • Gmail


If you have no experience with G Suite but use Office instead plan at least a week walk-through the interface to be confident with it. The questions go into exact steps that need to be taken to perform a particular task! You will have no access to G Suite when answering the questions.

Tip #1

Use Help option – I feel I could perform all the tasks in the exam I was not confident with using help! Check it out.

Btw. „Pomoc” is polish word for „Help”

Tip #2

Best videos to prepare, if you can perform all the task presented in the videos you are good to go:

Tip #3

I will not go into all the scenarios you need to understand but just mark couple I fell you might not be doing so often and you need to pay special attention to:

  • Understand some basic functions in Sheets e.g count, sum constrains
  • Understand sources for charts in Slides
  • Understand how you use comments in Docs
  • Understand footers, headers and tables of content
  • Understand how to use images from Drive
  • Understand how you create videoconferences and add people to it
  • Understand how you create Tasks in Gmail
  • Understand OoO and confidential emails in Gmail

When you feel ready, check out the trial exam:

Good luck with your exam!


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