Summary of 2019

It has been a great year for me with some major goals achieved. I am very thankful for all that have made this come true!

Book – special thanks to @Brian Gerrad co-author. Only you know what was the true cost of writing this book 🙂


  • Professional Cloud Architect ’18
  • Professional Data Engineer ’18
  • Associate Cloud Engineer 
  • Professional Cloud Developer 
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer 
  • Professional DevOps Engineer (Beta results pending)
  • There is one more that will be announced in January… cannot wait!


  • BitConf Speaker – link
  • vBrownBags Speaker – link
  • Google Next San Francisco ’19
  • Goole Next London ’19
  • Google Developer Group Leads Lisbon
  • GSI Champions Conference in Sunnyvale

Google Developer Group Cloud Bydgoszcz

5 Meetups this year with around 50 participants each!

  • 4 Onsite Meetups
  • 1 Online Meetup


  • GSI Champion
  • Google Cloud Platform Learning Ambassador
  • Start developing Anthos on DPC/DHC
  • Decided to stay with the company having a proposal to work in one of my top 5 companies to work for.

Missed goals

  • GCP Certified Trainer – lack of time
  • Google Developer Expert – builiding protfolio
  • Cloud Guru Instructor – lack of time

Goals 2020


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